In Africa music is part of our celebrations, unfortunately getting the right equipments, market and profit in the industry is a tough job. Equipments are very expensive and also very hard to get a genuine equipment. Here in Kenya i feel i have the right experience and knowledge to assist upcoming and well known DJs purchase and budget the right equipments for the African market. I have been a DJ and sound adviser for quite a long time enough to know what is crucial and what is not.

To start with, you start thinking what kind of DJ you want to be. Club DJ, mobile DJ or sound reinforcement service provider.

English: Professional Dj Player Pioneer CDJ 20...

English: Professional Dj Player Pioneer CDJ 2000 Italiano: Lettore cd per Dj professionale della Pioneer, modello CDJ 2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting with

  1. club DJ, you need a good and professional mixer or a good DJ controller. What is a good mixer? It is a mixer or a controller that is easily compatible to the club sound reinforcement system, have all the necessary inputs and outputs like mike in, record out, master out and other auxiliary inputs to engage the clubs pa with the audio video equipments and TV signals in the club. Also consider prize, durability and mobility from one club to the other. I have a wide knowledge of DJ equipments and i can at least anything about DJ equipments in East Africa. After making sure that your mixer or controller is good to go, think of having a good headphone and a microphone set. In a club you need a strong wireless mike and a professional over the ear headphone.

    yes! My phattest gig to date!

    yes! My phattest gig to date! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  2. Mobile DJ in Africa.Here you need dig your pocket deeper. You will need to have every thing from controllers to speakers. An African i.e. Kenyan mobile DJ should have all the equipments need to produce good sound from the stunning pioneer decks to the trebling bass bins. This depends on your budget because sound in African festivals is the enough. We believe in the deepest bass of the traditional drums. This means the deeper the bass the better the system. For a small budget you need to have a good DJ controller as explain earlier, a two way crossover, two amplifiers about four thousand watts in total ( i.e. 1000-2000 watts each) and four speakers (2 full range speakers and 2 low frequencies speakers) Also don’t forget the necessary cables and connectors. For a good budget we can have as much bass as you can handle and this means more amplifiers and signal processors.

    English: Meyer Milo line array with EAW subs a...

    English: Meyer Milo line array with EAW subs and an EAW side fill array Mayer Milo line array EAW side fill array EAW subs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  3. sound reinforcement services. This is a very good business but also requires a lot of investment. For good marketable system, you need to spend over 500,00 US Dollars and in return you can earn about 5,000 USD a month. What does this kind of system comprise of?  1.Professional DJ controllers and decks such as CDJ 2000, NS7 and others. 2.Professional signal processors like dbx drive-rack and other speaker management system. 3. Strong and stable power amplifiers or powered speakers. you need a minimum of 16 power amplifiers amounting to around 20,000 watts RMS. Another aspect to consider are the speakers and i always prefer line arrays for  good sound and mobility. lastly but not least, the rigs, racks and truss for mounting the system.
  4. Next time lets explain each part and equipment in details now that you have an idea of what a good sound system should consist of……………

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